Faculty Senate Meeting–TODAY:

President Pinto and Provost Nelson are scheduled to discuss the Strategic Sizing Initiative at the Faculty Senate meeting TODAY. It should be interesting. The meeting will be from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., 400 A&B Tangeman University Center (TUC)

Survey: PBB Negatively Impacts UC

In preparation for contract negotiations, AAUP-UC sent a survey to all the faculty covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The survey found widespread concern about UC’s current Performance Based Budgeting system, commonly referred to as PBB.

Faculty were first asked: In recent years, UC has converted to a Performance Based Budgeting system, commonly referred to as PBB. Would you say that PBB provides a sufficient level of resources to your unit, or do you think PBB provides insufficient resources to your unit?

Over 3/4 of faculty (75.34%) believe that PBB provides INSUFFICIENT resources to their unit.


Only 3% of faculty (3.12%) believe that PBB provides SUFFICIENT resources.


Faculty were then asked: Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statement: PBB has negatively affected the core academic mission in my unit.

Over two-thirds of faculty (69.96%)  AGREE with the statement that PBB has negatively affected the core academic mission. Over half (53. 32%) STRONGLY AGREE that PBB has negatively impacted the core academic mission.


Less than 4% (3.99%) DISAGREE with the statement and believe that PBB has not impacted the core academic mission.


This is obviously a very important issue for faculty. There will be a teach in on the subject tomorrow (February 26th) at 12:30 p.m. at UC Blue Ash, 154 Muntz Hall. It will provide critical information about PBB and its impact on the core academic mission.  Please click here to RSVP.

More information about the survey will be forthcoming.

Note that the survey had a higher response rate than any bargaining survey in recent memory—200 more faculty responded than in 2016.

Ohio Conference Statement on the Wright State Strike

The Ohio Conference of the AAUP released the following statement on the Wright State strike:
Late Sunday evening, our Wright State University chapter announced that after a 20-day strike — the second longest at an institution of higher education in U.S. history — they had reached a tentative agreement with the administration and would return to work on Monday morning.
This was no small feat, as they faced a recalcitrant administration and board of trustees who seemed intent on busting the union. The strike followed two years of negotiations and a board-imposed contract that, among other things, eliminated workload agreements and any meaningful bargaining over healthcare.
We cannot thank enough our steadfast Wright State members, supportive Wright State students, and allied AAUP members and union brethren across the state for their solidarity. It is because of our collective strength that this difficult endeavor has been brought to a resolution.
This situation highlights big problems that we continue to face in Ohio higher education: boards and administrations that recklessly spend money on pet projects rather than focus resources on instruction; institutions — particularly open-access institutions — that struggle due to lack of state funding; and a need for more trustees with educational, nonprofit, and/or labor backgrounds who prioritize the educational mission and can negotiate in good faith with campus unions.
Congratulations, Wright State faculty and Wright State University! We hope this is the start of better days.