Ohio Conference Statement on the Wright State Strike

The Ohio Conference of the AAUP released the following statement on the Wright State strike:
Late Sunday evening, our Wright State University chapter announced that after a 20-day strike — the second longest at an institution of higher education in U.S. history — they had reached a tentative agreement with the administration and would return to work on Monday morning.
This was no small feat, as they faced a recalcitrant administration and board of trustees who seemed intent on busting the union. The strike followed two years of negotiations and a board-imposed contract that, among other things, eliminated workload agreements and any meaningful bargaining over healthcare.
We cannot thank enough our steadfast Wright State members, supportive Wright State students, and allied AAUP members and union brethren across the state for their solidarity. It is because of our collective strength that this difficult endeavor has been brought to a resolution.
This situation highlights big problems that we continue to face in Ohio higher education: boards and administrations that recklessly spend money on pet projects rather than focus resources on instruction; institutions — particularly open-access institutions — that struggle due to lack of state funding; and a need for more trustees with educational, nonprofit, and/or labor backgrounds who prioritize the educational mission and can negotiate in good faith with campus unions.
Congratulations, Wright State faculty and Wright State University! We hope this is the start of better days.


The Wright State strike has ended. Faculty will be returning to their classrooms today. Thank you to all the AAUP-UC members that stood in solidarity on the picket line with WSU.



AAUP-UC faculty and librarians on the line at Wright State.

This is now the longest faculty strike in Ohio’s history. #Fight4Wright

Wright State Faculty Remain on Strike

Negotiations at Wright State have resumed intermittently but have gone poorly. The sticking point is reportedly the administration’s contention that faculty do not have the right to bargain over healthcare. This would have wide-ranging implications. During the last several contract negotiations at UC, the administration proposed huge increases in health care cost. If healthcare was not the subject of collective bargaining, the UC administration or any administration could impose these huge increases unilaterally.

Picket lines continue. AAUP-UC members are encouraged to make the relatively short-drive and demonstrate solidarity.  The demonstration is well-organized and you would be greeted warmly.

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