Faculty Senate Grievance Committee Elections

Voting will begin on Thursday, 4/29 at noon and close on Wednesday, 5/5 at 3:00 PM.  The representatives to be elected are below.  West Campus Representatives will have 3 elected, but one will serve only a one-year term.

There is currently no nominee for the College of Medicine position; a special election can be held in the fall if a nominee steps forward.

Click this link to vote:  https://webapps2.uc.edu/facultyelections/

Only faculty in the AAUP Bargaining Unit are eligible to vote.  The Faculty Senate runs the election, but the link for voting will be emailed by the AAUP office on behalf of the Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate office will announce the results to all faculty at the conclusion of the election.

  • A&S Representative (1)
  • CoM Representative (1)
  • Libraries Representative (1)
  • Regional Campus Representative (1)
  • West Campus Representative (3, 1 will serve a one-year term only)

Please contact the Faculty Senate office if you have any questions.

Amber Chapa
Executive Staff Assistant
University of Cincinnati Faculty Senate
238 University Hall
Phone: (513) 556-3445

Faculty Senate Bearcats Landing site: https://mailuc.sharepoint.com/sites/Faculty-Senate

Visit the Faculty Senate website