Membership Benefits

At the National Level …

  • Subscription to the national AAUP journal Academe
  • Introductory rate to Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Professional Liability Insurance & Chapter Liability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance & Group Term Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance & Short Term Medical Insurance
  • Major Medical & Long Term Care Insurance
  • Excess Major Medical Insurance & Hospital Income Insurance
  • AAUP-sponsored CD and Money Markets with yields that have consistently been ranked among the best Nationwide
  • Health Insurance Mart
  • For more detailed information about the National AAUP, visit their website:

At the State Level …

  • Subscription to Ohio Academe (published quarterly)
  • An Ohio e-mail network
  • Representation in Ohio Public Employees United (concerned primarily with the protection of Ohio’s Collective Bargaining Law – ORC 4117) and the Ohio Alliance for Higher Education and Development (includes all unions present on higher education campuses)
  • Chapter Leadership Training
  • Annual collection and publication of institutional data regarding salary increases and salaries
  • Analyses of Faculty Policy Manuals
  • For more detailed information about the Ohio Conference AAUP, visit their website:

At the Chapter Level

  • Right to vote (via ballot) for Chapter officers and on tentative contract agreements
  • Right to hold office in the union
  • Right to be a Chapter committee member
  • Access to a forum for debating important campus-wide issues
  • Subscription to the members-only Chapter newsletter Insights
  • Legal Assistance Plan (30-minute consultation with an attorney to a maximum of $75 every two years)