Standing Committees

Budget & Compensation Advisory  Committee
Chair: Amber Peplow

The Budget & Compensation Advisory Committee is charged with  researching and analyzing UC’s budget, financial planning,  and employee salary and benefits packages, and relaying that  information to appropriate Chapter bodies. This committee is  especially charged with assisting the Executive Council and  the Negotiating Team with budget analysis and the costing of  proposals during contract negotiations.

The Chair of this committee is one of the four AAUP members  of the joint Benefits Study Committee (M.1 of the AAUP/UC  Contract).

Contract Compliance & Education  Committee
Chair: AD Pennington

Individual members of this  committee are responsible for learning the elements of the  AAUP-UC Contract in depth. They work closely with the  Executive Director and other Chapter staff to become  educated about the grievance process and contract  interpretation. Individual members may, from time to time,  assist the Executive Director and other Chapter staff with  preparation of grievances.

The Contract Compliance &  Education Committee as a body is charged with: Providing  education about the contract to Chapter members, bargaining  unit members, and members of the administration; making  recommendations to the Executive Council on whether or not  to file AAUP class grievances or take a case to arbitration;  and, looking for trends in grievance and contract-related  complaints.

Communication and Political Engagement Committee
Chair: Phoebe Reeves

The committee is charged  with monitoring current political, social, and academic  freedom issues that may impact faculty members (e.g. civil  rights and equal rights of women, family or LGBT issues;  national and state legislation that affects higher education  or union bargaining rights; threats to academic freedom on  or off campus; State of Ohio budgeting for higher education  institutions; Ohio Board of Regents activities and  policies).

The committee works to  inform Chapter members about such issues and may recommend  that the Chapter take positions and advocate for action  through proposals to the Executive Council and the Chapter  membership meeting.