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Payroll Deduction.  By my signature on this form, I hereby request and authorize the University of Cincinnati to deduct from my monthly salary in equal installments the annual amount of AAUP dues in accordance with Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  AAUP dues are currently one percent (.01) x base salary.  I voluntarily authorize this deduction, which authorization is automatically renewed each August 15 hereafter unless I revoke it by written notice within the first 15 days of July to the AAUP – UC Chapter at 450 Dabney Hall.

UC Chapter AAUP Membership Form

All memberships are processed around the 15th  of each month, and you will receive a confirming letter  and a membership card around that time.  If you  don’t receive a confirmation, please give us a call at 513 556-6861 or contact us.