Bargaining Update

Bargaining for the 2016-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement began on February 2. Since then, the parties have reached tentative agreements on 18 non-economic Articles, moving at a relatively rapid pace as compared to the 2013-2014 round of negotiations.  Bargaining over the economics (salaries, other forms of compensation, health insurance, and faculty development) began in earnest in mid-spring.  In early May, the Administration presented a financial package which called for dramatic increases in contributions and co-insurance, along with very small salary increases.  The net result of the Administration’s initial financial proposal would have been that faculty would have taken a financial loss.

Following a robust faculty turnout at the June meeting of the Board of Trustees, and with the transition to the leadership of Beverly Davenport as Interim President, in late June the Administration presented a new proposal on health insurance, under which there would be no increases in co-insurance or faculty contributions.  This is undoubtedly an important step forward.  However, there remains much work to be done, as the parties still have significant differences on other economic issues.  We will continue to keep you updated as negotiations progress.

Invest in People

Thank you to the many faculty who turned out at the Board of Trustees meeting. It was an impressive turnout.

There have been no new bargaining developments. The Chapter will be sending communications as the situation developes.


Faculty working conditions are... (cropped and Serra blurred) Under Compensated (cropped) Invest in People




Capital Hill Day

UC Chapter AAUP and Ohio Conference AAUP members meet with Sherrod Brown in DC last week.

UC Chapter AAUP and Ohio Conference AAUP members meet with Sherrod Brown in DC last week.

Statement on President Ono’s resignation

The AAUP wishes President Ono well in his next endeavor. We appreciate his consistent pledge to invest in people at the University of Cincinnati. We hope that this pledge is made a reality during the transition and after President Ono’s departure.

Ron Jones, President, AAUP-UC