AAUP-UC statements

These are the two statements the UC-AAUP endorsed at yesterday’s Chapter meeting, regarding the university’s recent troubles with race and sexual assault advocacy:

Student leadership and activism are essential components for a vibrant academic environment at the University of Cincinnati. The faculty and the university administration must provide an environment where student leadership can grow and develop. The University of Cincinnati AAUP Chapter is particularly concerned about the treatment of important student-centered programs like RECLAIM and RAPP. RECLAIM offers critical peer advocacy that is a vital component of sexual assault response services on campus. RAPP develops important skills related to racial justice and inclusive leadership. Both have track records of success on campus. The AAUP-UC affirms its support of both programs and asks that the University, with fairness and transparency, reinstate all necessary funding, staffing, and training for RECLAIM and RAPP immediately.
The University of Cincinnati AAUP Chapter upholds the ideals of equal justice and dignity for all. We join with those mourning the death of Samuel DuBose, and call on our members to support Black Lives Matter forums, peaceful demonstrations, community meetings, student activists such as#‎theirate8, and other groups seeking to end institutionalized racism. True progress cannot happen without the support of diverse voices. We commit to working with the university to increase diversity within the faculty and university as a whole as we seek positive change in our campus and in the larger community.