Anti-Faculty Provisions in the Budget Bill

As has been previously reported, the substitute state budget bill, which contains three provisions targeting faculty, has passed the Ohio House. The provisions in the bill:
  • establish a one-size-fits-all post-tenure review policy
  • reduce sick leave for university employees by 1/3 and prohibit institutions from offering more or agreeing to more in a CBA
  • mandate that every faculty member who assigns textbooks to file an annual financial disclosure form with the state.

Advocacy efforts now move to the Ohio Senate.The full Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to receive presentations from various departments over the next two weeks and then subcommittee hearings will begin.

AAUP representatives will be testifying before the Senate Finance Higher Education Subcommittee and will continue to meet individually with Senators.

You can help by contacting your State Senator. Use this Action Network page.that has been set up by the Ohio Conference of the AAUP.  It is very quick and easy.

Updates will be forthcoming.