Did you receive your new AFT ID Card? Check out your new AFT Affiliate benefits!

Register online to access your new AFT affiliate member benefits

As you know from earlier reports, American Federation of Teachers and AAUP convention delegates voted this past summer to approve an affiliate agreement – a formal partnership that will help secure new organizing on campuses across the United States. It also means that individual AAUP members now have access to many AFT benefits!

Click here to view the brochure which provides easy-to-read overviews of many of the available services and discounts.

In order to review the details and access these new benefits, you need your AFT affiliate member number and the Chapter’s affiliate local number, both of which are printed on your new affiliate ID card.

By now you should have received a packet at home via U.S.P.S. from the AFT that includes a flyer and that new AFT affiliate member ID card. The numbers will look like this:

Local # 6796


If you have not received that packet at home with that ID card, you can fill out the form at https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/aft-members-only-discounts or email aftplus@aft.org for help. Cards were not mailed to those for whom they do not have a valid home mailing address.  Those who have joined recently may not yet have received the information.  The Chapter office notifies the national AAUP office, who then notifies the AFT of new memberships, so this can take several weeks.

Once you have that ID card, you need to set up your online AFT account.

Go directly to: https://members.aft.org/members/login

Click “Create an AFT Account.” Then …

Enter your member number exactly as listed on your card.

Enter your local union number. NOTE: this system requires a 5-digit number, so you need to add a zero (0) at start of the University of Cincinnati local number: 06796

Enter your last name (only) and your email address.
Note: this system works best if you use a personal email address (not your UC work address).

Choose your password.

Problems registering?  Got questions?  
Once you’re registered, if you have questions about any of the available benefits or if you have trouble signing up for any of them, just call the AFT Benefits Services office directly at 800-238-1133 (ext.8643) or email aftplus@aft.org.