Town Hall Meeting July 29, 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on COVID 19 responses. The participation rate was very high. Your responses are productively guiding the Chapter’s Executive Council as we move forward.

The survey results clearly demonstrate that  Faculty have put in a tremendous amount of additional work in response to COVID-19 and thus have reservations about making substantive changes to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). An AAUP Works article outlining the survey results will be published by the Chapter shortly.

To gather additional feedback and provide an update on the situation, we will be holding another university-wide Faculty Town Hall on Wednesday, July 29, at 10 a.m. via Zoom. A link to the town hall will be sent the day before the meeting.

As a reminder, the AAUP-UC Chapter received a request to engage in formal discussions with the Administration—including the exploration of contractual means—to address the financial crisis facing UC. Negotiations are not required, and the current CBA will remain the same unless both sides agree to change the terms. AAUP-UC has appointed a team to engage in preliminary discussions and exchange information with the Administration. Again, please bear in mind that these are not formal negotiations at this time.

The AAUP-UC team is composed of the AAUP staff, Eric Palmer (Executive Director), Jeff Cramerding (Director of Contract Administration), Dave Rubin (former Executive Director and consultant), along with the following faculty members:

Steve Mockabee, A&S
Amber Peplow, UCBA
Virginia Russell, DAAP

Professors Mockabee and Peplow also serve on the AAUP-UC/Faculty Senate Joint Budget Committee. Their expertise and familiarity with UC’s budget and the financial implications of the current situation have been advantageous. Professor Russell has been on past bargaining teams and is a particular expert in the area of faculty development funds. We thank all three of these faculty members for their commitment of time and service on behalf of our Chapter.

As always, the AAUP-UC Executive Council will continue to be as diligent and transparent as possible as these discussions proceed. I hope to see you at the Town Hall on Wednesday.

In solidarity,
Connie Kendall Theado
AAUP-UC President