Our Colleagues at Miami University Need Our Help

Our colleagues at Miami University are deep into the process of organizing their faculty and librarians with the goal of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). They currently have a very active advocacy Chapter, but this a CBA would be an important step for them and for higher education collective bargaining in general.

The Miami administration is opposed to their efforts and is using unscrupulous tactics to block their organizing campaign. Their latest effort is to argue that librarians should not be part of the bargaining unit. Librarians would not be able to vote for a CBA or enjoy its benefits. This is a feeble argument. Note that the Librarians at UC have always been part of the bargaining unit.


Here is a request from the Faculty Alliance at Miami. Please take a moment to read and participate:


I hope this finds you well! I am writing with an update on Faculty Alliance of Miami’s efforts and a request. We are grateful for your ongoing support and solidarity. We are now in the run-up to a hearing that will determine our bargaining unit. Although a supermajority of workers signed union cards, Miami University leadership has decided to delay the election and contest who should be in the unit, excluding NTT faculty and librarians. Ally support could make a big difference right now. We are asking local and national allies to sign this petition calling on Miami University leadership to let us vote and to listen to Miami’s faculty, librarians and teaching/research staff on who should be in the union.

Right now we are hoping to collect some preliminary signatures before making a big push on social media the week of December 5th. We would love to have your individual signature as an ally, and we’d also welcome your help in seeking signatures from the UC AAUP chapter and any other networks you are able to reach out to. If you have a moment to sign now and share internally, we would really appreciate it. And, if you are willing to help us share the petition on social media on December 5th, please let us know and we will be sure to send you a reminder and some sample language to use.

In solidarity, Cathy

Faculty Alliance of Miami