OCAAUP President’s Statement on Muslim Ban



We, of the Ohio Conference AAUP, are strictly opposed to the unconstitutional executive order issued by President Trump, which bans travel from Muslim-majority countries.

We support freedom of inquiry, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and freedom from fear.

Large numbers of our faculty members and our students are potentially affected

by this ill-conceived executive order, which violates so many American traditions and at our institutions of higher education.

Over 37,000 foreign students enrolled in Ohio colleges in 2016, representing a 5.6 percent increase over 2015. These students are an important part of our academic communities, our diversity, and none of them should face this kind of discrimination.

We believe in an America that openly embraces the world with confidence, not one that seeks to hide behind walls and religious bans. Instead, we are witnessing a dangerous attempt to expand the executive powers of the president through the misuse of executive orders in an attempt to impose an inappropriate worldview on a democratic nation.

We ask politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, to push back against this administration’s attacks on individual freedom and the American way of life. We applaud those in the Ohio congressional delegation who have spoken out already against these injustices.

John T. McNay, Ph.D.
OCAAUP President

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